Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Refashion: The Jumpsuit

There's something about jumpsuits.  When I'm skimming through a rack of second hand goods at the local thrift shop, I can't help but get a jolt of excitement at finding a jumpsuit...and inevitably end up buying it.  I think part of it is because jumpsuits were MIA for quite a while--so it's one item at the thrift store that I can be sure isn't a vintage remake circa 2001 (like most of the items at Forever21, or similar stores...which don't get me wrong--I shop there!  But it's so much more fun to own original versions rather than copycats).  Another reason I can't resist a good jumpsuit is because they really have made a come-back and can be so sexy and flattering--when worn correctly! 

This jumpsuit has been hanging on our rolling rack for quite a while...but it just needed a little sumthin-sumthin to make it more wearable and less matronly. To the right are a couple of my inspirations for the final product of this romper (playsuit, jumper, jumpsuit, whatever you want to call it). The cut of our jumpsuit is most similar to the one by Alexander McQueen (RIP), so I decided to go off that and simply get rid of the sleeves. I rolled the hem at the leg to show off the shoes and added a belt (us Miska(belles) are all about accessorizing!), and voila-- this jumpsuit has gone from dull to daring.

This vintage refashion will be up for sale soon at our etsy shop, along with our other vintage and redesigned vintage pieces!
Please give it a look-sy!  We promise you will find something special.

Stay gorgeous (is ok for me to borrow your sign-off, A?),

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