Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Everyday Vintage Tuesday (yes, it's late, I know)

Monday kind of got away from me as I graded papers and suddenly in was one in the morning and I was so sleepy and I realized I hadn't blogged this week's inspirations!  I knew I couldn't do a great job at the last minute while I was drowsy, so I saved this week's inspiring looks to post this afternoon!

I love the uniqueness of vintage, of wearing something you know no one else has.  This week's looks are an eclectic mix, some head-to-toe vintage looks and other modern-meets-vintage looks.  The one thing they have in common:  everyone looks so fabulous!  It's another rainy day where I'm feeling blah (I took a little trip to Barnes and Noble to do some writing and got the bottom of my jeans soaked in parking lot puddles, so when I got home, I changed promptly into my go-to Juicy Couture velours) and need to be fashionably inspired.

Here are this week's Chictopian lovelies:

1.  Autumn162  Another return to the nautical look--I can't help it!  The top itself is not vintage, but the rest of the outfit is.  I love how she ameliorates the preppiness of the outfit with bohemian touches, like leather sandals and a fringey bag.
2. maryvannotes  Those shorts are to die for--so Chloe Sevigny. And the pose, hair and lips are perfectly pin-up worthy.  I'm also in LOVE with the shoes, though they are merely vintage-inspired.  Red sandals are my go-to summer piece.
3. frou  Check out all of her Chictopia blog entries--she has such a hip, unique look.  I love the way this outfit gives the idea of a suit, but she's made it funky with the fur hat, thick glasses, and great heels.  Not to mention that fabulous hair that works as an accessory for any outfit.
4. desire_fulfillment  There is not a single piece of this outfit that I don't love, so when you put them all together:  it's kind of like a vintage fashion heart attack.  So grunge-chic with the florals, lace and boots (which are absolutely drool-worthy).
5.  Angelesalmuna  This is such a great photo with the contrasting bright red background against the graphic black and white dress, which may have been made for a secretary, but the sexy heels and oversized sunglasses here really glam it up.
6. ynez  This look totally reminds me of the amazing Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes--bohemian goddess meets disco queen meets lady robot.  Or something like that.  But I adore the gold headband here with the neutral outfit.  And the painted fuschia lips really make a statement.

That's all for now, folks.  Thanks to all these inspirations for making the world a prettier place.

Until next time...

Stay gorgeous,


  1. Thank you!
    Love the post!
    Kisses and see you again,


  2. Thanks for the post! Blog is amazing.

  3. a good choice choosing Angeles, is wonderful



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