Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Denim Staples + Vintage

Second in line after boots, my favorite fall must-have is a great pair of jeans--in fact, I like to have several well-loved pairs in my wardrobe to work with.  I miss my jeans during those hot summer months and then usually wear them to death once the cool months come around.  

My most-worn jeans for autumn are an easy pair of slimming denim in a mid-wash.  I usually go for a skinny leg so that I can wear them both with flats or my aforementioned boots, but I also love the retro feel of wide leg jeans with a high rise.  With the base of your outfit being a great pair of denim, you can simply add a quirky blouse and some fun, colorful shoes (both vintage!).


My next must-have pair of jeans for women are a dark denim wash; great for a special date -- or even for "casual Friday" at the office (a dark wash looks way more professional).  I love this look of a super girly vintage blouse with a sleek pair of jeans and stacked wood heels.  Chic but still easy.


I think the last pair of jeans that every gal should have in her closet this fall are what I call a "wild card"-- something just a little more special.  Some great choices would be printed jeans or some sort of coated denim.  I like the idea of something a little more edgy, like the ones shown below.


Being pregnant and dressing for cool weather has been a challenge so far because I'm missing my favorite jeans!  I don't want to invest in anything too pricey as far as maternity-wear goes, so I'm rotating between one pair of mid-wash jeans and some stretchy waist leggings.  Needless to say--I'm jealous of you ladies who can rock all the jeans you want this fall!  What are your go-to jeans?  Something I've left off this list?  I'd love to live vicariously!


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