Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Celebrity Looks for Less: Prints

When shopping for vintage,  the main thing that draws my eye is an interesting print.  Vintage fabrics not only offer unique patterns and color combinations, but are often much better quality than modern day cottons and polyesters-- that is, unless you can afford to shop designer labels.  These celebrities are showcasing some pretty awesome printed pieces that most likely had awesomely high price tags.  But we have the vintage look-a-likes currently in the shop!

Kristen Wiig
patterned midi skirt with gold hues

Olivia Palermo
robe front, long sleeve dress with burgundy hues

Sarah Jessica Parker
striped, button front midi skirt

And despite what some may think-- prints ARE easy to wear!  I love that Kristen Wiig takes a super interesting skirt and pairs it with a simple white blouse.  So easy!  Or you could go the SJP route and do print on print...if you are a little more brave.  


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