Monday, January 13, 2014

Celebrity Looks for Less / Shop Preview : Well Suited

We have some great two piece suits coming to the shop this week.  Personally I would have nowhere to wear something like this, but I still appreciate the beautiful details and impeccable tailoring on these vintage suits.
While watching the Golden Globes last night, I noticed Diane Keaton's black tux looked eerily similar to the one we're adding to the shop and I thought I'd find some other celebrity look-a-likes, to show some great examples of how to wear these suits.

Diane Keaton // Olivia Wilde
Both with very different takes on the black tux.

OURS: 1970's Corduroy Suit with Silky Lapel and Tuxedo Stripe Pants

Kate Middleton // Stella McCartney
These Brits know how to pull off a demure suit!  Perfectly fitted and navy blue.

OURS: 1950's Navy Suit with Cinched Waist

Vanessa Hudgens // Zoe Saldana // Lizzy Caplan
Bare midriff and full skirt...not quite "suits", but they have that matching / two-piece thing going on.

OURS: 1940's Green Suit with Cropped Jacket and Full Skirt

Kind of cool to see three different decades of suits--or four, if you count the modern celebrity versions! All of these items have really cool details that you can see more of in the listings on Etsy.  Coming this week!


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  1. We must give celebrities a break and try to make them as comfortable as possible. Being on the road is enough to drive many people out of the industry.



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