Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shop Preview: Babe-ing Suits

Aurora has gotten in the habit of combining two words she knows into one word, making for some pretty hilarious phrases. One of those is "babing suit" (babe + bathing suit).  In a quick thrift stop, I found
these three amazing suits this week, and in honor of my trip to the beach, they're coming to the shop ASAP!

1. 1960s Floral Maillot w/ Removeable Strap by Elisabeth Stewart (Size S)
2. 1980s Deadstock Floral Wrap Suit by Dippers (Size S/M)
3.  1960s High Waisted Bikini with Ties by Sirena (Size M)

The wrap bathing suit is really cool--I haven't seen a similar style before. The floral maillot really reminds me of something I've seen in the Anthropologie catalog. And the two piece is total 60s bombshell material.  I feel sad that I won't be wearing any of these at the beach!

But you can...

Oh, and there's one more suit coming to the shop, but it's a little smaller (size 12 months!)

Vintage Deadstock Minnie Mouse Bathing Suit (Size 12 Months)

Happy swimming!



  1. Oh my gosh!!! The 1960s Floral Maillot is amazing!!! What are the measurements? I'm not sure I can fit a 1960s small! We're going to the beach in a few weeks and I need a suit!

    1. Just measured last night (posting this afternoon, in case it works!) It has some give, of course, since it's spandex.

      (Measurements, laid flat, unstretched)
      Bust: 13 in.
      Waist: 11.5 in.
      Hips: 14.5 in.
      Length: 20 in. from top of suit to crotch




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