Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adventures: Half Way Thrift Trip

Sometimes your local thrift shops get boring.  You've scoured every rack and cleaned them out of their best vintage.  And your BFF/business partner/sister is pregnant and you miss her and want an excuse to spend the day together....  so you plan a thrift trip halfway between your homes and spend the day shopping and visiting and hanging out!  Last year we did a similar trip and this year was just as successful-- a fun day with lots of success at finding new goodies for the shop.  Here are some photos from our meet-ya-half-way thrift trip:

My mom and I brought some cupcakes and gifts for Amanda for a little baby "sprinkle".  We got coffee at the adorable local coffee shop and sat outside to open gifts.  It was a perfect start to the day!
After a couple thrift stores, we took the girls to a playground to blow off some steam!  It was super hot and humid so they were a bit flushed/worn out.

Us with our momma. : )

Ohhh that bump!

Grumpy toddlers...almost time to go home!

Group shot!  All the gals. <3

We had such a great day.  I'm already hoping to do this again before the end of the summer (and before there's another little girlie added to the mix!).


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