Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 under $20: Vintage Sundresses

It's the MOST wonderful tiiiiiiiime of the year.  I'm talking about sundress season, ladies!  Throw on a pretty frock and a pair of sandals and you look like a million bucks when you only spent five minutes getting ready! And if the weather (or your office) is a little cool, you can just throw on a cute cardigan or jean jacket. Done.

I did some virtual shopping, and found so many sweet sundresses on Etsy, at a price point under $20! (At that rate, you might be able to afford two!).  Here are some of my favorites, with pieces spanning the decades:

Row 2: 1970s multi-stripe dress, $18.84 /// 1970s red terry dress, $18 /// 

Which dress is your favorite?  Go snag it, now, because at under $20, I don't think any of these lovelies are going to last very long...especially once the sun comes back out.



  1. What a great post!! I love it!

    1. Thank you so much, pretty lady! Going to try to keep the Etsy/thrifty love coming to the blog regularly! Etsy window shopping is the most fun thing ever for me b/c it feels like I have a purpose, even though I can't really buy anything. :)

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