Thursday, May 16, 2013

Studio Space: Organization and Pretty-fying

Every once in a while I will get the itch to spruce up my "studio" (the extra bedroom in our house that is home to all my Miskabelle inventory and sewing supplies).  Sometimes that just means cleaning and putting away accumulated piles of clothes and sometimes it means rearranging furniture or even repainting.  I think that the practice of "sprucing up" your work space can be really inspiring.  Having a new-feeling space certainly makes me more excited about working--a space that is well organized and aesthetically pleasing makes me want spend time in it.
Here is my latest re-do of my studio space and how I keep my share of our 300+ items of inventory organized.  See previous tour HERE.

One big thing I did, was get rid of the giant stack of tupperware bins that most of the clothing was hidden in.  Having it out on a rolling rack makes it much easier to find things once they've sold and need sent out and it helps me see what I have and what we might need.

That tote bag on the chair is where I keep our tags and my packing tape, ink stamps, stickers, etc.  And that little cutie is in love with any and all hats...

I usually keep items that need to be measured/posted in that big basket.  

My shoe inventory used to be on the floor of the closet, but once I decided to hide my remaining tupperware bins in there, they needed a new home.  I am pretty pleased with this change...such a space saver!

Fellow Etsy-sellers, how do you organize all your stuff?  It can be quite a challenge!  We would love to see your work space!  



  1. This is a really lovely space, I love the photo frame with jewellery on. Lovely photos. :) x

  2. Thank you so much! I love that frame too--I was so lucky, I found it in our basement when we moved into this house!



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