Monday, May 13, 2013

Outfit Post: From the Shop + 22 Weeks

I like double digits...22 weeks was a special milestone because it was also Mother's Day. My last Mother's Day as the mother of just one.  However, these pictures were taken a few days before, on a mini date night where we went to see a play my oldest (talented) stepdaughter was directing.

My favorite vintage finds tend to be teeny tiny, so when I see something in a larger size, I like to see if it might work.  I loved this floral skirt, and when I saw it had an elastic waist, I knew I had to give it a go. It was perfect for a casual date night!

Outfit details:  tee-thrifted Liz Lange Maternity, belt-vintage, skirt-vintage,shoes-Blowfish via

I have a feeling this combo (soft tee + vintage belt + high waisted elastic skirt) is going to be my casual go-to when it gets hot. While I cut off a few pairs of maternity jeans to make shorts, I'm not really a shorts person (it was hard enough baring my pasty legs for the first time in months!)

Here's what's happenin' with Baby M:

The 22 Week Rundown 
Baby Size:  A spaghetti squash, and weighing in at a little over a pound!
Feeling: Having some back and hip pains at night occasionally, but other than that, my body feels great. I am learning baby's activity schedule, and it's still just as amazing to feel the baby kick the second time around--I forgot what it was like.
Weight gain: I think I'm up 3 or 4 more pounds since my last appointment.
Cravings/Aversions:  Still digging on sweet things, especially candy. Greek yogurt with fruit and granola. Grilled veggies/fruit.
Preparations:  I bought some cute things to start baby's wardrobe (all thrifted!). I added a few more things to our registry to keep track of what we might need. We also started thinking about how we might rearrange and fix up the kiddo room eventually (Aurora and baby are going to share for a while, although baby will mostly be in with us for the first year). I've also had to get myself a few more maternity things to have clothes that actually fit over my belly length-wise.

I had a lovely Mother's Day with Q and Aurora--we kept it pretty low key. I know it's a hard day for a lot of people--I made sure not to lose sight of that.  For those who desperately dream of being mamas, those who have lost their mothers or their children, those who may be estranged from their children or somehow separated from them, for anyone who has served as a mother figure in someone's life, you are cherished and celebrated too.  Wishing love, peace, and joy to every one of you.



  1. awww these are great! Coming along just wonderfully!

    1. Thank you, sweet lady! Indeed, the bun in the oven is cookin'! ;)



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