Monday, April 15, 2013

Outfit Post: From the Shop

People often ask where we get the pieces that we sell in our shop.  A lot of it is from thrift stores.  But sometimes we get lucky and someone will be cleaning out their attic or basement and find some old/unloved pieces that they pass along to us.  Recently my parents' neighbor lady gave me a bag of clothes that she thought I might want to try and sell.  A horrible 1980's sweater with scalloped neckline and giant shoulder pads, some old-ladyish pleated wool pants and this amazing 1970's maxi skirt that belonged to her daughter.  The other stuff went to Good Will, but this skirt went into the shop!  I borrowed it yesterday because I love it so.

This little munchkin always insists on joining me for pictures!  I love it.

top:  American Apparel T-shirt dress, skirt: from the SHOP!, belt: vintage, wedge sandals:

This was quite a bright look compared to my usual choice in clothing.  I would love to see the skirt paired with just a simple white tank top...that might make it a little more me.  But I'm sending it out into the world so some lucky girl can make it her own!


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