Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Outfit Post: 18 Weeks

I took Q on a little surprise date night last week, so I was a few days shy of 18 weeks in this picture, but it still counts, right?  We went to see one of our favorite artists, who is in a new band, and the show was incredible...it was at a small venue in Arlington, and we had great seats (yes! I got to sit! hallelujah!).  This is how I dressed the growing bump:

outfit details:  tank-Target, belt-vintage, necklace-vintage skeleton key on a chain, skirt-Old Navy (last summer), shoes-Kensie Girl via Off Broadway, purse-vintage

I am feeling glowy, but the other truth is, I've started using coconut oil regularly on my face, and I seriously see a huge difference! (Have any of you tried it?) Here's what else is goin' on:

The 18 Week Rundown
Baby Size:  A sweet potato (seems like a good nickname).
Feeling: Good! I feel pretty and hungry and have been sleeping much better.
Weight gain:  I think I may be up a few pounds, which will be good news at my appointment next week.
Cravings/Aversions:  Salt and Vinegar chips w/ onion dip. Coffee w/ half and half. French fries.  Still not salad... 
Preparations:  Nothing too specific...just getting VERY excited for the gender ultrasound next week!!!

I feel like I've kind of got the hang of dressing this pregnancy (though it's not 90 degrees yet and I'm not huge, so I'm sure that will change). I cut off some maternity jeans into shorts and distressed them (even though I am NOT a shorts person...they will mostly be for the beach), and thrifted a pair of cropped denim jeans.  My dress wardrobe is still lookin' pretty good...I have one or two more things on my list to find/buy.

Hope you're all having a great start to your week!



  1. Oh, me, oh, my!

    You've never looked more beautiful. That whole pregnancy radiance - you've got it. And I think this is probably my favorite hair color on you to-date.

    1. Thank you for making my day, sweet friend. I am feeling so good, and I, too, am loving this hair color...I may be a permanent redhead.

      How are YOU?! xo



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