Friday, April 12, 2013

Celebrity Looks for Less: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal has a quirky style that can easily incorporate vintage pieces (bold / off-beat / one-of-a-kind).  Recently she chopped her hair into a pixie cut and has been spotted in a couple of dresses that could've been straight out of the Miskabelle Vintage shop (though in actuality, we're pretty sure hers are expensive designer pieces...)!  Here are her versions, and ours, for a fraction of the price!

First up a black and white print dress with ruffly, sleeve.  Ours has both shoulders, and a little more interesting print (abstract animals!).  Miskabelle 1970s Ruffle Print Sundress, $48

Next up is a printed tent dress with long sleeves.  Maggie's is in a warmer color palette and looks great with the addition of a thin rope belt.  Miskabelle 1970's Floral Tent Dress, $34

We have ton of other great stuff in the shop right now that is worth checking out.  We really do take a lot of care in choosing what pieces to sell-- selecting things we think are special and/or on trend for right now.  I think sometimes people connect the word "vintage" with anything old/weird/thrifted, but we think of our shop as a curated collection of special pieces.  We love the story each piece has to tell and we love that they add something unique to your wardrobe.


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  1. Wow the first one looks almost EXACTLY the same.



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