Friday, March 8, 2013

The Little Rundown: 12 Weeks

Sorry it's not an outfit post! I was feeling pretty great for about 3 days, and the past two days I have been sicker than ever (so: living in comfy clothes that don't restrict my tummy and not showering because it makes me more nauseous). And this is a little late, since I'm 12 weeks and 5 days today (yay!), case you're interested, here's what's happening in baby-land.

I keep these out on my dresser to remind me of what's to come...and that sickness isn't forever.

The 12 Week Rundown
Baby Size:  A lime!
Feeling: Some days I've been feeling great--others I've felt terrible. I'm mostly getting sick later at night though (after dinner), a mixed blessing. I'm able to play with Aurora more, and cook dinners, but it's hard to get work done and sleep.
Weight gain:  I've lost a couple more pounds, but nothing to be worried about. I felt like my appetite was coming back for a few days. Now it's waning again. :( 
Cravings/Aversions:  Still craving sour things, but occasionally sweet (like coconut froyo!). Also, baby carrots (no idea why). I have been cooking a little more, and when I cook, I try to add veggies. Fries or potatoes are still a go-to when I'm a little nauseous. And still not interested in salad. Have had a little coffee here and there, but I don't think it helps with any of my symptoms, so this pregnancy may still be coffee free...or, maybe I'll try again in iced coffee season.
Preparations:  I have been doing a lot of reading--probably too much. I am much more anxious with this pregnancy, knowing all the things that could possibly go wrong.  I wish I could feel less stressed out about it. I also packed up all my summer dresses, tees, and tanks that I know won't accommodate a big ol' belly. It was bittersweet! I picked up a few new maternity things at the thrift, including an awesome maxi dress that I foresee living in this summer!

Hoping to get an outfit post in this weekend. I feel like there may be a little bump...or, you know, maybe it's just gas (which is in ample supply these days thanks to my sluggish prego intestines).



  1. Hang in there! this coming from someone that has no idea how it feels, but I do thank you for sharing! it's nice to have a realistic point of view on pregnancy. I'm sure you'll be feeling better in no time! have you tried ginger for the nausea? Maybe pickup some gin-gins chews? I don't know, could possibly help!

    1. Oh, thank you, Mel! Gotta be realistic...I was way less sick for Aurora, so it's such a change this time (makes us think maybe a boy?)

      I way overdid the ginger in the first few weeks, and now I can't stand ginger-anything (not even Liz Lovely Ginger Snapdragon cookies!). Today has been good day so far, and I'm hoping that continues since it's supposed to be beautiful this weekend!

      Thanks for writing. xo

  2. Feel better!

    1. Thank you, Zuley! I'm getting there... :) xo

  3. Loving these posts to see how you are doing with the pregnancy!!! What cute little booties!!

    1. Thank you, Victoria...I can't wait to be able to put these booties on some real little feet! :)



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