Thursday, March 7, 2013

Etsy Window Shopping: Vintage Maternity Style

Cute, affordable maternity clothes...ah, the elusive beast. In recent years, women have been given many more options in the maternity world (most of them way overpriced). As for maternity clothes that are truly vintage? They're incredibly hard to find and often incredibly ugly.  But the thing is, you don't have to wear clothes that are labeled maternity--there are a few things to look for in "regular" clothes that might make them accommodating to your (my) growing belly. Look for elastic waists, tent shapes (very common in the 60s!), stretchy material, and longer lengths (like tunics).  Here are some vintage pieces I'm eyeing for my spring/summer maternity wardrobe (and they're all $35 and under!):

1. Floral Shirt Dress, $35  via Stranger Bird Vintage
I love red and white together, and this dress has an elastic waist, so you can sit it above the belly.

2. Cropped Denim Vest, $18  via shopbadlands 
I picture wearing this vest over sundresses all summer (may also help to disguise burgeoning cleavage).

3. Huarache Sandals, $28 via generationthrift
Comfortable and cute sandals are a must!

4. Minnetonka Moccasins, $34 via redpoppyvintageshop
A pair of moccasins to take you and your bump everywhere.  Again: cute + comfortable..

5. Embroidered Floral Tent Top, $18 via elsierobyn
This top is absolutely could add a belt at the natural waist (above the bump) to add definition, but it would also be pretty left loose.

6. Elastic Waist Embellished Skirt, $18.92 via Cobys
An elastic waisted beauty! Hike it up over the belly, and it will stay put.

7. Skinny Leather Belt, $10 via ThirdChanceVintage
The perfect accessory to add a little waist definition for tent-like items...a must for every maternity wardrobe!

It looks like my maternity style is going to be a little more bohemian than usual.  Late 60s and 70s styles are definitely much more forgiving. None of my 50s dresses have elastic waists (sad face), so they've all been packed away for next year. I thrifted a few similar items today on an impromptu "snowquester" adventure. Even though it seems like spring could be months away (and that this pregnancy is going to take FOREVER), warm weather (and a bigger bump) is just around the corner.

Do you have other tips for purchasing/styling maternity clothes, especially vintage pieces? We'd love to hear them! 



  1. Yup, Seventies/late Sixties was the way I went during pregnancy! Big blousy tops can be belted above your belly when you're not too big, and can be left loose when you're really huge and can't stand to have anything constricting (or was that just me in the last month or two of pregnancy?)

    I also followed some really good advice I read somewhere online and wore mostly simple, neutral dresses (some of which worked post-maternity until the baby weight was gone, too) and got some sweet accessories that I can wear any time rather than splashing out on maternity-specific clothes.

  2. That's super-smart! I've only really bought maternity clothes secondhand, but I know tons of people who spend big bucks on them. I love that I could wear all of this again too! :)

  3. Thanks for the feature Miskabelle! I never thought of looking for vintage maternity wear but it is such a good idea :-)

    1. Thank YOU! I have that skirt saved in my favorites with a few other things, so once payday comes, I hope to make it mine! :)

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