Monday, October 15, 2012

Celebrity Looks for Less: Day Time Casual

celeb looks banner

Here's a little look at some ideas for how to make your casual day time outfit a little more special--using vintage, of course!  These celebrity looks are most likely from expensive brands, but we have some awesome look-a-likes in the shop right now!

Emmy Rossum in a sweet polka dot dress and flats.  

dress // bag // shoes

Kristen Bell in a belted blazer and colorful jeans.

blazer // belt // boots // blouse

The nice thing about vintage is that one special piece can make an outfit of basics look extra cool and that you don't need a ton of "stuff"--a pretty dress and shoes, for instance--to stand out.



  1. Totally agree!! :) Man, I got a dress just like that top one left. It's vintage, navy, polka dots, and buttons down. Got it for FREE at my clothing swap this weekend. Thanks for inspiration on how to style it. xoxo



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