Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vintage Trend We're Loving: Fruit Salad

Is it weird to love a trend that already happened?  Not really--since we know fashion is a cycle, and so many trends come around again and again (hello, NEON!).

I have recently fallen in love with fruit.  Not the actual good-for-you, tasty stuff--although it's good too--but fruit motifs: on dresses, skirts, home decor, etc.  If you saw Tuesday's post, I recently bought a cherry print dress, and ever since, I have been noticing a lot of super cute vintage pieces that are totally fruity.  (And yeah, I did just go there.)

 strawberry sundress, $115 via Thrush  ///  apple print skirt, $32 via CapriciousTraveler

 cherry sundress, $35 via bookwormvintage  ///  fruit bowl maxi dress, $42 via TheVintageMistress

 fruit salad necklace, $50 via MamaVendredi  /// fruit cocktail velvet milliner hat, $85 via StacyLeighAtelier

 disco fruit platforms (AH-MAZING!), $325 via AtomicPassion  /// strawberry flats, $50 via 80sman

OJ pitcher and glasses, $25 via Poplar Street Vintage  ///Vera Neumann cloth napkins, $20 via heatherkojan

I have so many favorites here...good thing they're all saved in my Etsy faves!

What's your take on the fruit trend? Too cutesy? Only in small doses?


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