Monday, July 23, 2012

Shop Preview: The Jessica and The Elizabeth

Did you ever read the Sweet Valley Twins/Sweet Valley High series? I did. A lot of them. And we also watched the TV show (so bad). And owned the board game (still pretty cool).  Growing up, I definitely related most to the bookish Wakefield twin, Elizabeth.  Jessica was a brat, but got all the cute boys. So while I was definitely an Elizabeth, I secretly always wanted to be a Jessica...but, you know, a little nicer.

If they weren't stuck in a cliched rut of wearing pink (Jessica) and blue (Elizabeth) on every cover, I feel like they might have worn these polka dot dresses for some special event.  One dress is flirty, but a bit conservative, while the other is definitely va-va-voom.  It's amazing how the cut of a dress can give polka dots a very different vibe, from sweet to sassy.  These two dresses, coming to the shop this week:

 ruffled polka dot party dress, size small/medium
polka dot pencil dress with cutout back, size medium

So tell us...which dress do you like best?  Were/are you an Elizabeth or a Jessica?


P.S. I forgot that last year, a book came out about the twins' adult years (the Wikipedia reminded me).  It is called Sweet Valley Confidential, and the reviews are unanimously pretty bad.  But I'm still tempted to take it to the beach with me...even though some reviews said it might ruin the series for me forever.  Have you read it? Should I do it?

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