Friday, July 20, 2012

Modern Vintage: Dirty Dancing

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This weekend we are leaving for our annual summer vacation-- a week in Vermont, at Lake Champlain, with my husband's family.  So in honor of my summer get-a-way, I wanted to do a little homage to the ultimate movie about a girl on summer vacation:  Dirty Dancing.


Amanda and I were kind of obsessed with this movie growing up--we had it recorded on a VHS tape and I would rewind and re-watch that closing dance scene over and over and over....  I think Patrick Swayze (RIP...sigh) was probably my first real crush.  But you know who else looked damn good in that movie?  Jennifer Grey, aka "Baby".  The movie was made in the 1980's but takes place in the 1960's, and her wardrobe sort of says just that.  Here are some mix and match pieces so you can spend your summer vacay dressing like Baby (and hopefully find a summer lover as swoony as Johnny).
*and all pieces are under $50 a pop!


1- button up blouse (wear it tied at the waist), 2-peasant blouse, 3-coral bodysuit


1- fancy dancing shoes, 2- white sneakers, 3- dancing dress, 4- classic watch (to get back in time for curfew so the parents don't suspect anything!)

I really love all the breezy fabrics and light colors.  Honestly, I think all these pieces could be paired together (denim shorts + white button up + silver heels= so perfect for a date night!).

Insert some clever closing here about how "nobody puts Baby in a corner."  Cheers to summer love (and summer vacations)!


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  1. This was such a fun one! It's funny looking at it now, but for some reason, this feels like classic style. I love all the picks.



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