Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrity Looks for Less: Casual In the City

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I am definitely a big fan of dressing like you didn't try too hard (when really you've slaved over your closet for hours, trying to find the right combinations of pieces that make you look effortlessly chic).  I have a feeling these celebrities really didn't have to think much about their looks, seeing as they both probably own a massive wardrobe full of cool clothes.  Or maybe they're just really good at the whole "effortlessly chic" thing.  Either way, here are the Miskabelle versions of their outfits--we've done the work for you!

Sarah Jessica Parker
This is most likely her "mom" attire.  Even dressing so sloppily she looks so darn cool! (It's not fair.)  A simple button front midi skirt, a lightweight top and sandals (our version are flat, pretty sure she's wearing wedges/heels).

Emma Roberts
This girl certainly has a questionable style--a bit rough around the edges.  Not too put together.  But I sort of dig it (minus the entire time she was at Coachella and walked around pretty much half naked).  An oversized button up top and high waist denim shorts paired with platforms??  It somehow works.

All pieces of these looks are for sale in the SHOP now!  And all under $50 a pop!

And can we just all agree that this hot weather needs to take a little breather now??  I would love to try one of these outfits but instead I think I'll stay at home and sit around in my underwear under the ceiling fan.




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