Monday, June 25, 2012

Shop Preview: Sister Dresses

I have seen other vintage sellers mention the joys of finding "sister dresses" in their thrifting and buying escapades.  Sister dresses are dresses that are clearly related, probably the same size (or brand), and look like...well...sisters.  I had my first sister find last week.  I like to think of them as fraternal twins:

May I introduce the wonder that is the Sears Zip and Dash dress?? Hailing from the late 60s on, these zipper up dresses were typically for older women and moms--just zip them up and dash out the door or into whatever you were doing (raising kids, cooking dinner for your husband, etc.).  In their time, they were basically a housedress--not exactly the height of fashion.  However, I love the plaid patterns and the tie belt and large pockets! And they come in some larger sizes as well (these two, I believe, are a vintage 20 or 22, more like a 16/18 modern).

In fact, I love these dresses so much because I own one!  And I have to admit, it's my go-to, hot day "zip and dash" outfit! I style it up a little bit:  fold up the sleeves, leave the zipper at a low-but-tasteful height, and cinch that waist in tight:

These images are from last summer, visiting North Carolina and my dear friend, Jess! (pardon the quality, but this was in the days before DSLR! and ahhhh, look how tiny Aurora is!) My dress is in awesome shades of red, gray and blue.  Thezip and dashes are also lightweight cotton/poly blends, I believe, so they keep you cool too (and don't get super wrinkly!).

These two sisters will be coming to the shop later this week! They are both new/vintage with tags. If you're interested, just drop us an email!

Also, did you notice some of the updates to the blog??? Jayme and I have been working hard, not only on the design updates, but on bringing you quality, original content.  :)


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