Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outfit Post: Tie Dye

This past weekend my husband and I celebrated 6 years of marriage (I share lots of [maybe too much] personal life stuff on my tumblr  ...if you're interested.  Its mostly about my baby and being a homebody.  Earth shattering stuff).  It was a hot day and we spent a lot of time lounging outdoors.  When it was time to get dressed up for dinner I could barely keep the sweat from my brow and wanted to wear something breezy and fuss-free.  I recently bought this dress and, like a lot of my wardrobe, the reason I purchased it heavily based on the low price tag.  I mean, I was drawn to the tie dye print but questioned the hanker-chief hem line.  But the $5.99 price tag won me over.  I do love the fit too....but part of me feels like the dress could possibly read as "tacky."  Especially with the wrong accessories.  I decided to keep it very 70s and paired it with my fringy sandals, an oversized bag and silver jewelry.

dress:  Ross...once again, the bargains call to me!, sandals:  Minnetonka, 
purse: Gap--it was my mom's in the early 2000's, necklace- vintage

My hair is finally growing back!   

 Me and my handsome man!  

....and this is a typical shot of me.  I tend to be on the awkward side.

So there you have it.  I sort of broke my own 'outfit post requirements' on this post seeing as this look doesn't have much "styling" to it and the dress isn't even vintage.  What can I say, the heat makes me throw out all my rules when it comes to getting dressed.


You can not beat a good euphonious

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