Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outfit Post: Sunday School

Aurora is going to be starting preschool in the fall, just two days a week for a few hours. I volunteered to teach Sunday school for preschoolers this summer to help acclimate her to the classroom and playing with other kids and listening to directions, since she will be in the same room in the fall. This is what I wore for playdoh, circle time, crafts, and jell-o jigglers! I was helping the primary preschool teacher since it was my first time.  I cannot imagine having more than one preschooler in my real life, but having 10 of them was still pretty fun (and crazy!). Of course, Aurora never missed an opportunity to photo bomb an outfit post, either:

Outfit details: fruit print blouse-vintage, wrap skirt-vintage, sandals-vintage

Summer has officially arrived in Virginia, making this top knot-and-bangs look my hot weather staple (adding an occasional turban/headscarf).  I love how my bangs look here, but the truth is, about 50% more of them are pinned back into the ponytail.  My hairstylist went a little crazy with the longer side fringe, so now I'm trying to grow some of it out.  I almost never wear both my hair and bangs down because I think it looks awful, especially at the growing out stage.  But temps are made for up-dos, so it will all be okay.  Grow, hair, grow!

I am wearing head-to-toe vintage for the first time in a while. The skirt is simple enough to really fit any decade, though, and I knotted the top at the waist to modernize it (and give me some definition).  In a total humblebrag, I have to say that after losing some baby weight, the top was a little big for me this summer (I last wore it here)--but I was cool and comfy.

What are your go-to looks in the hot, hot heat?


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