Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outfit Post: Sailor Style

With my love of everything pinup comes a great love for anything nautical. Red, white and navy, stripes, anchors, ropes--they all look great with my red lipstick. :)

I bought this dress on major sale, as a beach coverup for vacations ahead (TWO MORE DAYS!!!), but on this particularly steamy day, I decided to wear it, paired with bright red accessories.

Outfit details: striped tank dress-Old Navy, rope belt-vintage, bracelet-Banana Republic (old), shoes-vintage 

The picture above is a goofy one of me and my handsome photographer (who just clicks when I tell him and has no real photography experience!). He always tries to make me laugh, which helps me to relax and look a little less stilted--I think. But we rarely have pictures together, which stinks! Hoping to get some family shots this weekend while we're on our family vacation. We are heading to Berkeley Springs, WV for swimming, shopping, art galleries, hot springs, hiking, and chilling out with our family for 4 days. I cannot WAIT!

 We have some great guest posts coming your way in the next two days, which we're also very excited about! :)

See you soon! We'll be the ones with tons of pictures and hopefully a sunny, relaxed glow. (I know actual tanning is bad, but damn, I am ghosty in these pics!)



  1. Ooooh we always drove through Berkley Springs on the way to the beach, and I always wanted to stop and spend a few days there!!! It looks like such a fun place! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!

    1. Yay! Thanks, Bren. It sounds pretty amazing, so I hope it meets our expectations. Seems like a nice romantic spot for newlyweds too! ;)

  2. You look truly beautiful! And patriotic. haha.

  3. You know me. I love 'Mericuh. haha. (and thank you! xo)



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