Friday, June 1, 2012

Outfit Post: Black on Black

This black maxi skirt is one of my "summer wardrobe" purchases.  I wanted a few key pieces that I could wear a lot throughout each week, things that I felt good in and things that were easy to mix and match.  I really wanted a black maxi skirt with a high waist and I loved the super wide, foldable waistband on this skirt.  Its one downfall is that it's a bit shiny which makes it feel a bit formal for daily wear.  To par it down a bit I've been pairing it with cotton tanks and flat sandals.  My sloppy bed-head bun adds to the casualness too (no really...I rolled out of bed and added a headband.  But we'll pretend the messy look was intentional....).

tank top: Urban Outfitters (from 6 years ago!!  I only remember because I got it the summer I got married...), skirt:  Ross Dress for Less- $10!, sandals:  Dolce Vita, belt and purse:  vintage

As a side note...someone please buy this purse!  It is SO awesome!  I must admit, I've borrowed from the shop quite a few times...I would keep it but it's not very mommy friendly--I tend to need a hands free, cross-body bag these days.  I'm not sure if it doesn't come across as good in photos or what, but we are selling it for just $12!  



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