Monday, May 7, 2012

Shop Preview: For Your Summer Travels....

Am I jumping the gun, using "summer" in my title here?  I hope not!  I don't know about you, but I am already daydreaming of our summer travels.  Here a few styles of bags that are essential for various trips you may be going on in the next few months.

1.  The Carry On
For those of you lucky enough to be flying to a far off land, this 1970s carry on bag 
has an oversized buckle, adjustable shoulder strap and even has the luggage tag still attached!  

2.  The Cross Body Purse
This is the type of bag that you'll want for festival-going, amusement parks, and other hands-free fun.

3.  The Evening Bag
This sleek clutch will easily fit in your luggage so you can have it for a dinner out or night on the town, if you should be so lucky (having a one year old, those occasions are long gone for me...sad face).  LOVE the optional chain strap on this one!

4.  The Beach Tote
A washable canvas bag is perfect for the beach (throw it in the wash when you get home!).  This one is extra special, with its quirky tennis racket print (and the words "love", "serve", "net").  Better yet, it is REVERSIBLE!  The other side sports (no pun intended, ha) navy with white polka dots.  

5.  The Catch-All
This one can serve the purpose of pretty much any of the previous four bags I 
just showed you.  An oversized hobo bag with a bohemian feel.  Perfection!

We're adding these bags to the shop this week, as well as a bunch more!  [I almost just typed "Happy Monday!" but I just can't deal with that statement right now.   So how about just... MONDAY.  You can fill in the blanks.  Ugh.]


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