Thursday, May 3, 2012

Splurge vs. Steal: Madewell Edition

Today we're sharing one of our favorite blog series: the splurge vs. steal! I was browsing Madewell the other day (they have undeniably great clothes), and came across several items that were very vintage-inspired and looked a lot like things we have in the shop for a small fraction of the cost! I, for one, would rather have the vintage piece that no one else has rather than look like a walking catalog ad (or every other 20-something blogger), and I'd much rather steal than splurge (except on shoes...those are always splurge-worthy and harder to find in vintage styles that fit well).

Madewell Meadowlark Skirt (sale price!) vs. Miskabelle 1970s/80s Full Pleated Midi Skirt w/ belt
Madewell Bamboula Ltd. Market Bag vs. Miskabelle Basket Tote w/ Leather Trim (coming soon to the shop!)
Madewell Shrunken Rustic Boyshirt (sale price!) vs. Miskabelle 1970s Plaid Camp Shirt

What do you think? Madewell definitely takes notes from past eras with their designs. And that's awesome. But why not buy the real thing?

With vintage love (but appreciation for modern styles) forever,

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