Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shop Preview: Printed Skirts

I hereby declare 2012 the summer of the skirt!  Yes, sundresses are easier to throw on and go....but skirts give you the option to change up your look and add a bit more personal style depending on what you wear as a top.  I especially love that longer silhouettes are making a comeback as well.  Here are some pretty printed skirts that you should consider for your spring/summer closet:

1-  pleated, printed black skirt with elastic waistband.
2-  pleated, floral vine print with fitted waistband and side slit pockets.
3-  paneled floral print skirt with fitted waistband.
4.  pastel layered circle skirt with elastic waistband.

...and here's a close-up of those pretty prints!

These will all (hopefully) make it into the shop this week.  Keep your eyes peeled!


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