Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celebrity Looks for Less: All Over the Place

One of our goals in stocking the ago is to find pieces that are on trend or could be easily translated to modern style.  Of course sometimes we simply buy vintage because it's gorgeous, but below are a few things in the shop that are so "in" that even celebrities are sporting them. That makes us feel cool, and should make you feel confident adding one of these fine pieces to your own wardrobe!

Olivia Wilde with a brown leather saddle bag;
 Miskabelle 1970s Saddle Bag, $40 
Rihanna in a gold collar necklace (and cute polka dots!);
 Miskabelle Cold Collar Necklace, $12
Sienna Miller in pretty peach trousers (don't forget to cuff them!;
Miskabelle Peach Trousers (Deadstock!), $23 

April sales have been so good to us--go and get yourself one of these trends now before it's long gone!  We're tiptoeing toward our 1000th sale (at 983 this very moment!) and so thankful for the past three years of growing.  Thanks for buying, reading, and supporting us!

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