Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Party.

pre-party primping
Amanda is a party-planner extraordinaire.  She loves to play host(ess) and is quite good at pulling together handmade decorations, a yummy spread of food and a good group of people to take part in the fun.  For her 30th birthday she did a pretty vintage-y theme.  Lots of flowers, old book pages, lace and vintage fabrics, and framed photos.

These photos were all taken either pre or post party time.... the one downfall of having a great party is that you don't always remember to take photos of your guests!  But Amanda set up a little photobooth using her iPad and a simple backdrop.  All the guests took a turn and then wrote a little note to Amanda on the cards provided.  There were some pretty awesome shots of her friends but we will just share the ones of us (because I guess not everyone wants their face plastered all over the internet...just us self-indulgent bloggers).

At the end of the night we laughed so hard, looking through all the photobooth shots people took.  Then, of course, took our obligatory outfit photos (I posted Amanda's full outfit yesterday, did you see it?).

I would call that a successful 30th birthday party!



  1. Love it! Love you girls! Glad you had such a blast!

  2. Amanda, you look fantastic. Happy Birthday! xo

  3. Ohhh, I looove how the decorations AND the outfit turned out. Completely my style!! The fabric banner is so pretty. Happy belated, Amanda!! You have a real gift for decorating.

    And what a cool app. How did you set everything up?

  4. What an adorable party, and happy birthday Amanda! You two looked fabulous, and I love the photobooth idea!



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