Thursday, February 23, 2012

Outfit Post: Jeans for a Coffee Date

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I know it sounds cliche...but as a mom, jeans are pretty much an everyday staple for me.  Most mornings when I get dressed, I open my drawer of shirts and just pull out whatever is on top (usually it's some form of a long sleeve t-shirt and more often than not, it is wrinkled...) and then pull on my favorite jeans.  If I need to leave the house, the ensemble gets an upgrade--some sort of cardigan layered on top of the t-shirt and my favorite vintage cowboy boots (which happen to be the only pair of shoes I own that look great both with skinny jeans tucked in or bootcut/flares overtop).  On this particular day I took that extra step of accessorizing (some chunky rings and layered necklaces) because I was going on a little coffee date with my husband.  I even traded out the cotton shirt for a flowy blouse--because these days a coffee date is the equivalent to a night out on the town pre-baby.  A rare opportunity to be "dressed up."

(It was windy outside...)

sweater: vintage, blouse: super old from Forever21, jeans: Levi's®, boots: vintage, headband:  piece of leather string wrapped around my head multiple times!, crossbody saddle bag: vintage

I think jeans are honestly the best base for a 'date' outfit (even if it's just a coffee date with your husband)...especially ones that hug your body just right.  You know, that pair of jeans you put on and without fail, feel like a million bucks? Also known as that pair of jeans in which your significant other pinches your butt one too many times when you wear them?  (TMI...but c'mon ladies, you know what I'm talking about!)  The other great thing about wearing a great fitting pair of jeans on a coffee date?  People may be so busy checking out your pants that they don't notice what a windblown mess your hair is!


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  1. Jeans are my number one staple as well, and someday I will fit into non-maternity ones again. lol Actually, I found two old pairs I can squeeze into. But I miss my jeans! I love this outfit for its simplicity but also its elegance in a way. And yep, you kinda have to take whatever opportunity to dress up you can find! I've been known to get slightly dolled up for trips to Target and the pediatrician. You look great in those jeans!

  2. Ah yes, I TOTALLY spend extra time picking out my outfit for trips to Target! Ha... I guess that's what moms do! You are looking GREAT by the way. Loved the outfit posts of you in your Miskabelle duds. Hot mama! xo



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