Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Splurge and Steal: Warm Texture

It has been a while since we have had a splurge and steal up on the just to refresh your memory, we create an outfit from 3 to 4 pieces from the shop (steals) and one pricier or designer piece (splurge) that completes the look. Typically, our entire Miskabelle look will come in under the price of the one splurge.

This week's look is a cozy casual or work look pulling from several decades:

The cape is very 70s Bohemian and in excellent condition (wear it over a pretty floral, striped or polka dot blouse!). Add 1950s wool pants (never worn), rolled up with some cute, warm socks tucked into these fantastic boots. There is nothing like pair of women's comfort shoes like these Bellatrix Canoe Hiker Boots from Born! They are so chic AND warm AND kind to your feet for those long walks in the freezing cold. Finally, you can tote everything you need in this great oversized business tote/bag. We love the blend of masculine and feminine in this look--the cape is soft and the boots and pants are a little tough:  that's our kind of girl!

SHOP THIS LOOK via Miskabelle Vintage

What are you thinking about splurging on?  Can we create a look for you on the blog? Send us a message/leave a comment and we'll get right to it!


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