Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outfit Post: A Casual Friday in 1970

This is one of my favorite outfit posts in all of blog history...the individual vintage pieces are awesome in and of themselves, but the way it all came together made me feel so 70s chic, and to top it off, it is super comfortable. I could wear this out to dinner with friends or to go to the post office with Aurora. It's casual with a little bit of oomph courtesy of the vintage pieces.

I wore this camel jacket,etc. to run some Friday errands and then have a casual night in with Q. We made dinner together and watched The African Queen (1951)...maybe Love Story (1970) would have been a more appropriate film decade-wise, but this was my first Humphrey Bogart film, and I really loved it. Our veggie burger-and-oven-fries dinner wasn't too shabby either. Sometimes a Friday night at home is just what I need!

mustard fedora-vintage, corduroy blazer-vintage, dove tee-vintage, scarf-random, jeans-Gap (perfect boot), boots-AE (thrifted)

I love how a blazer and a few accessories can makes jeans and a tee look totally put together. I think these are my new wardrobe staples! Now, if only I could find some more sweet vintage tees. They are seriously rare at the thrifts (around here, at least)! I believe I found this one somewhere in South Carolina on a spring break, once upon a time. Maybe I'll find some on my 30th birthday road trip? (More on that later...)


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  1. What a fantastic outfit!!! I love it all. Especially the blazer...I am a blazer junkie. :)



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