Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Outfit Post: Fancy Pants

I almost called this post "Wallflower".  I didn't realize how much I match the wall until I uploaded them onto my computer.  I think it looks kind of cool--very Zach Braff in Garden State (you know, that scene where he matches the bathroom wallpaper?).  But the real stand out in this outfit are the ah-mazing pants.  A gift from Amanda (of course).  I should've got a close up shot--they are almost like a thick lace material.  Sheer, with little booty shorts sewn in (though, I wore tights underneath to make them a little less risque).  I love the exaggerated shape of them.

Ew, my face here.  I wasn't intending to look so model-y, I think I was just 
caught off guard when the camera went off!

pants:  Free People, turtleneck:  old/unknown, scarf/tie:  vintage (really just a 
thin piece of silky fabric I found in a bin of vintage scarves and I tied it in a bow), handbag: vintage

I went the obvious route, pairing the gray pants with other shades of black and gray.  The red lip was a necessity to add SOME sort of color.  Oh, and I guess this little gal helped add a pop of color to my outfit too:

I couldn't get that purse out of her tiny baby death grip.

Not sure how else to style these pants.  How would you wear them?




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