Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Now Channeling: Felicity

We recently got rid of cable and I had to say goodbye to my trashy afternoon TV shows.  The good news?  I have some old favorites on DVD that I've been catching up on.  Yesterday I watched Felicity and the 90's good-ness was everything I hoped it to be.  (Season one aired in 1998.)  I remember watching that show and just wanting to be her.  The curly hair, the J. Crew catalog wardrobe...
Here is my ode to Felicity-- via pieces from our shop.

Want to channel your inner Felicity?  Shop these pieces:


  1. Best show ever. Love this! :) Felicity is my comfort show - kind of like mashed potatoes are a comfort food.

  2. @katie
    Well put! We are totally on the same page (and I love that you used mashed potatoes as your comfort food exmaple....also a favorite of mine! ha).



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