Thursday, December 8, 2011

Outfit Post: Fancy Blouse

I have a confession:  I am wearing leggings as pants.  In my defense, my sweater is extra long in the back so nothing naughty is being exposed.  I love pairing casual pieces with a fancy blouse.  This blouse could be tucked in and the necktie tied tighter, but then it wouldn't make sense for my super casual wardrobe.  So I wore it untucked with the leggings, tough boots and an oversized sweater...I feel totally myself.  (That along with the fact that I have a PONY TAIL in!  Finally!)

The blouse is vintage and everything else is old or unknown (I guess I don't see the point in labeling brands because it's not like you could go out and buy any of it!).  Also, I'm wearing my husband's watch.  It was by accident--he asked me to hold it for him while he was cleaning out my parents' gutters and I put it on and forgot I was wearing it.  Looks pretty cute though...may have to "borrow" it again!

It's finally feeling super-wintry here.  By that I mean, miserably cold (that's why these pics were taken indoors).  I'm hoping this cold weather will put me more in the holiday spirit...perhaps I should trade in my pink, chiffon blouse for a red turtleneck sweater or something?



  1. I ADORE this top. I assume you're keeping it and not selling it? Too cute! Also, don't be ashamed about the leggings. I do it too.

  2. @kaitlyn
    ah, yes. I gotta keep this one! It is just too perfect to give up!



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