Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shop Preview: I've Got This Friend

I love reconnecting with friends after many years and finding it's almost like no time has passed at all. I caught up with an old friend who lived in the same building as me in when I was in graduate school.  She had gotten married and had a beautiful little baby since the last time I saw her, and we had a great morning hanging out with some coffee and (vegan) pumpkin bread.  She was excited when I told her about our vintage business because she had acquired some pieces that she wasn't sure what to do with...try to wear them, have them altered, sell them?  I offered to help where I could, and she decided she'd like to sell a few pieces. So these lovelies are on their way to the shop:
This peach confection is probably 70s, but it's such a 20s style!/This halter maxi has beautiful crochet panels.
My friend almost used this as her wedding dress. It was handmade/beaded and the top is removeable.
 The iridescent shimmer and accordion gathers on this 50s dress are amazing./This top was commissioned and made when her friend (who left my friend the clothes when she passed away) was overseas, with more hand-beading. It would look fabulous with jeans and heels for a holiday party!

Now I just have to measure everything...more items coming to the shop ASAP! Trying to load up before the holiday rush! Don't forget, next week is already Black Friday. Keep an eye out, friends, you just might see a Miskabelle sale code...

***Oh, and the blog title comes from one of my favorite songs on the "Barton Hollow" album by The Civil Wars.  Worth a watch! I'm still as in love with this album as I was when I first heard it early this year.

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  1. Ahhhhh...love me some Civil Wars. I feel like I have commented this on your blog before, but, well, I can't help myself. lol I've been following Joy since the earliest days of her career and have had the pleasure of meeting her, her husband, and John Paul many, many times and taking pictures with them. I am so, so happy for the success they are having. The Civil Wars performing live is a treat like no other if you ever have the opportunity. They're awesome recorded but even more so live because you can see their personalities shine through so much.



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