Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sabine Gets Dressed: The Glittery Sweater Maxi

I like to put outfits together from our shop, but mostly I'm collaging photos together, so you can't get the best idea of the look on a real body.  Of course, my curves don't fit into a lot (okay: MOST) of vintage clothes, nor do my size 8.5 feet (so many cute shoes in a size 6!)

My blog friend Amanda (great name, right?) dresses her shop mannequin, Matilda, and does a little "What Matilda Wore" tweet, and I thought--of course! I should dress up Sabine (my mannequin) in these outfits. One of my favorite consignment shops in DC also blogs an outfit each week, and I love how they include shoes (one of my favorite parts!), so I used that idea to get the head to toe look.

Here she is, Sabine's debut on the blog, in all of her Miskabelle splendor:

SHOP:  dress--coming this week (S/M), belt--$15, shoes--$33

I love metallics for the winter, but adding a pair of patent shoes in neutral colors tones down the outfit enough for daytime.  It would also look amazing with a soft black scarf looped around the neck.

You could also pair the dress with tights and boots and a tweed blazer for a totally different look. The oatmeal/gold color scheme is more versatile than you would think!

I'm looking forward to dressing up Sabine in the future...and myself too (maybe even tomorrow!).



  1. Such a cute idea! I love it! Also, I want this maxi! What size is it?! And I also love Current and the fact it's two feet from my house.

  2. DUDE! that dress!!!!! L.O.V.E
    xoxo kat



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