Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outfit Post: Vintage-Free

It's pretty obvious how much I love vintage.  I love the history, the prints, the uniqueness (and the prices--most of the time).  But even though I adore old clothes and I sell them, I don't wear them every day! I know a lot of vintage sellers do...but I have such eclectic fashion tastes that some days I am feeling more modern...or I don't have the perfect vintage piece to complete a look or complement another outfit.  So I resort to (GASP!) modern clothes.

Of course, most of those are thrifted. What can I say? I'm addicted.  Here is what I wore for a typical day of errands yesterday: post office, coffee, a walk, and our first bit of Christmas shopping at Target. (I knooooow. But we had a coupon!):

jacket-Free People (via TJ Maxx), tank-Target, cardigan-Gap (thrifted), scarf-thrifted, skirt-I Heart Ronson (thrifted), tights-random, boots-UO (last fall)

Hot pink is not a color I wear often, but I loved the subtle print and 80s vibe of this skirt when I saw it the other day. I love the pink/gray color palette! I kept almost everything neutral, except my scarf. I felt so young and vibrant in this outfit--maybe I'll wear bright colors more often! New items coming to the shop from today throughout the weekend--some really great stuff--stay tuned for more sneak peeks too! xo, Amanda

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  1. I ADORE this outfit, even if it is modern. And you know how much I love hot pink!



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