Monday, November 21, 2011

Outfit Post: Ombre

I am in the midst of a hair identity crisis.  After chopping off my long locks in September, I no longer felt like myself...I felt like that "mom" stereotype that I always told myself I wouldn't fall into.  You know?  Those women you always see on makeover shows, that cut off their hair and refuse to wear anything but sweatpants after they've had a baby.  In an attempt to appease my restless, hair-hating self, I decided to jump on the ombre bandwagon (I know, I'm like, a year late on this).  Turns out, despite what all the youtube tutorials said, it is NOT super easy to get the look on your own.  I ended up with orange ends that were not quite faded into my dark hair, but had a distinct line where the hair dye had been applied.  Damnit.  After a week of going back and forth about whether I liked it or not (in some lighting it was ok, and I would tell myself "it's kind of edgy and cool!") I bought a box of dye (color to be revealed in another outfit post this week) and erased my ombre hair.  I'm not super excited about the new hair color either.  So pretty much, I am wishing for a time machine right about now.

BUT, I did take pictures of my ombre hair, while wearing this ombred sweater.

Sweater-Gap Outlet, Dress- UO, Boots- Nine West (thrifted), 
Bag- vintage, Belt- vintage (for sale in the shop!)

Thanks for listening to my hair woes!  My poor husband is SO sick of hearing about it...


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