Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outfit Post: First Thanksgiving

If this was the First Thanksgiving, I would obviously be in pilgrim garb, but this title is really about the fact that I get to have two Thanksgivings this year, one with Q's family (this past weekend) and one with my family (tomorrow!!! eeeee!).  We had an amazing time on Sunday, catching up with Q's siblings and sharing lots and lots of food.  We brought several vegan dishes, including or mac and cheese, which is a family favorite.

Of course, since I work from home, I take up any occasion to dress up. This is what I wore for my First Thanksgiving this year:

Details: skirt, belt, blouse, blazer and brooch: vintage, booties-thrifted AE, tights-random
Oh, the food:  Harvest Fruit Crumble, Maple Crusted Tofu, and Vegan Mac and Cheese.

I decided to take fall colors in stride with this outfit (mustard, beige tweed, chocolate brown). I have been living in the skirt (cotton with an elastic waist=perfect for an expanding stomach). The temperature was warmer than expected, and once we all filled the house, along with the hot stove blasting, I had to take off the blazer.

It was a wonderful day of family, food, and thankfulness. And I can't WAIT to do it again tomorrow with more of the people I love! a new outfit. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours--we are grateful for our customers, readers, family, and friends!


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  1. oh this is a great outfit! i love it! the food makes me hungry. NICE!



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