Friday, October 28, 2011

Shop These Looks: Easy Halloween

This is the first year in a long time that I've been excited for Halloween. We're doing some family costumes for a neighborhood block party/parade and have been working to get our outfits together all week (can't wait to share photos!).  I actually can't remember the last time I dressed up!  Here are 4 Halloween costumes, just two pieces each, that you could throw on for a last-minute party or to simply hand out Halloween candy from the comfort of your doorway.

Even better?  For those of you who want to leave a little to the imagination (unlike most Halloween costumes out there for the ladies), these are all cute, but covered up enough not to get you kicked out of a pumpkin patch.

Cowgirl might be a pretty common costume, but I guarantee most gals will be in short daisy dukes and a plaid western shirt tied at the navel.  Stand out from the crowd with a cute square-dancing dress paired with your favorite cowboy boots!

A metallic maxi dress and heavy jewelry create the look of Ancient Greek royalty.  Just add some heavy eye makeup and maybe a faux weapon (depending on your favorite goddess of myth!).

The easiest part of this outfit?  You can go barefoot! (Although I don't recommend it for walking the streets in temperatures below 50 degrees, like it will be around these parts!).  A headband worn over the forehead completes the look.

This dress makes the costume!  Pair it with this vintage fascinator, and a pair of opaque black tights and fun black heels (maybe these?). You'll be warm AND look great!





Have a happy Halloween, everyone!  Using something vintage in your costume?  Send us a photo--we'd love to feature it on the blog!!


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