Monday, October 31, 2011

Outfit Post: Hysteric

We had quite an eventful weekend here (Saturday's snow being the LEAST exciting of these events).  My stepdaughter's high school had an "American Idol" contest...she made it to the last round, which was Saturday night.  She learned to play some guitar chords for both nights to do her songs acoustically (how awesome is that?), and honestly, I should be sharing her outfit here because she looked so great for her final performance (to her dad's dismay).

She didn't become the Idol of the school, but she did an amazing little performance of Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Hysteric."  And this is what I wore as part of her fan club... (sorry for the inside photos: blame the snow and the early darkness that comes with it).

long sleeve tee-J. Crew (thrifted), jumper-vintage, belt-vintage, tights-random, boots-Frye, necklace/bracelets-random
I found this jumper/dress at the thrift this week and had to keep it (at least, for now).  It would be great as a summer tank dress, but I thought it would look cute with a top underneath and a belt.  You can't tell but the top half is thermal and the bottom is a lightweight cotton.  I like the contrast of fabrics, as well as the contrast of such a utilitarian fabric, like thermal (so grunge!) with this pinky nude color.  I paired it with my tough boots and black accessories so it wasn't too sweet.

Speaking of sweet:

She was excited to pose with me (and even more excited for the SHOW!)
I wore an entirely different costume for Halloween (which I'll share with you all later!). We had a neighborhood block party/celebration yesterday. Thankfully, the snow had melted and the sun came out.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I'm looking forward to taking Aurora trick or treating for a little bit tonight, and this is the first year in a while that I'll be sad to see this crazy Halloween season end!


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