Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Outfit Post: True Work of Art

Selling vintage and blogging are two things that bring me great joy, but my first love has always been fiction writing.  Being a mom with 3 jobs doesn't leave me much quiet time or space (mentally or physically) to write, but occasionally, I write something.

One of my closest friends, Amy, created a little project called Spark, which pairs visual artists (or even composers!) with writers so that they inspire each other and make new work.  It is a 10 day project she oraganizes 4 times a year and all artwork and writing ends up on the blog. I have participated several times with Jayme (and my handsome, talented husband even participates as a writer!). It's a great little "spark" with a short word count and a deadline, which is just what I need in this season of my life.

Typically, the work is all displayed online, but there have been several exhibits happening in galleries recently that allow for writers to see the artwork in person. Amy also organizes readings so that we can share the written pieces aloud.  Amy is currently doing some awesome things in Portland, OR right now, so she asked me to help facilitate a reading this past Friday in Del Ray (Alexandria, VA).  I was thrilled to be a part of the reading, and of course, wanted to "dress the part." This is what I wore:

dress-vintage, obi belt-H&M, tights-random, platforms-Michael Kors via DSW
brooch-1929, rings-random/vintage, bracelets-vintage

The exhibit was amazing!  My written piece was posted in the center of a wall, surrounded by the artwork it had inspired, as were 5 or 6 other writers' pieces around the gallery.  Below is a shot of "my" wall.

We did a moving reading where each writer would stand in front of the wall where the work was hung and read her piece (we happened to all be female!). Some of the artists also attended and shared a little bit about their creation process.  It was definitely inspiring!

reading my short fiction piece, "Not a Love Letter"
I went home feeling a little tired (why, oh why did I wear heels?), but mostly re-energized artistically.  I miss writing and have been hoping to find some time this week to sit down and work, even a half an hour. It's not the same immediate gratification that blogging is, but the reward for me is definitely greater...I forgot how good it feels to make art.

If you're an artist or writer, I also have to recommend that you try a round of Spark (one round just finished, so it will be a couple of months until the next) to get your creative juices flowing. It's a really amazing project.

That's all for now...



  1. Amanda, I LOVE "your" wall! So neat. I've been lagging on writing, too--running has taken over that part of my brain I think. :/

  2. Oh how gorgeous you look!!! I love this dress too.



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