Monday, September 26, 2011

Outfit Post: Major Remix

Sometimes I look back at previous outfits posts on the blog and wonder why I bothered posting them.  At times, I feel like since I did the work to get the photos, upload and edit them, I should post the outfit.  But later, I will see an outfit post and wish I'd done something different.

I don't have an unlimited clothing budget (or generous sponsors who send me whatever I want from their shops, unfortunately---but hey, if you're interested, call me!), so I remix all the time.  But this time I wanted to intentionally update a look from a few weeks ago.  I think it was a successful experience!

All it took as the addition of a belt and a knot to the bottom of the dress (which I've seen on several fashion bloggers and thought was a really cool update on the maxi dress or skirt), new shoes and voila! The whole outfit is much more interesting. My only beef with the second look is that it shows off my curves (of which there are many) a little more, which can make me feel a little self conscious.  But, what the hell? I'm a mom, I'm healthy, I'm gonna work it.  You know?

Dress-vintage, obi belt-H&M, shoes-Jessica Simpson (4 years ago!)

The details...corset belt, dangly earrings, sideswept updo.

The truth is, I didn't wear this outfit anywhere. I just got dressed up for my photographer aka husband.  I did leave my hair like this, though. I am loving messy/romantic updos for this in-between length of my hair.  It's also funny that I feel like my hair looks so much lighter in person than in these photos!  I'm actually thinking of going even a little bit lighter (do you hear that, Jayme, highlighter extraordinaire?).  Taking the first plunge was a good step--I found that I love lighter hair. We'll see in October...

Happy Monday!



  1. I think you look it!
    I love the hair. Very pretty.

  2. love the hairstyle and the dress is FAB!! check out our blog if you have a minute, love P&C :) x



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