Friday, September 2, 2011

Outfit Post: Kimonomania

I was immediately enamored with this kimono when I found it at the thrift--it's made of a heavy, linen-like fabric in a real cool tribal-esque print and color scheme AND it has pockets. I always see things that I think are cool that might work on other, fashion-risky people, but not on me. So I put the kimono in the shop. But today, feeling uninspired, pulled it out and created two looks: one for day and one for night. I think that I might even be able to pull them off in the real (read as: not blog) world without getting strange looks. Not that I'd care because, personally, I think this jacket is really cool, a great alternative to a blazer, and definitely one of a kind!

Look 1:  Kimono as a Faux Wrap Dress
I added a vintage belt to cinch the kimono and added a pair of boots and a wrist of bangles for a bohemian feel. I wore my simple black dress underneath, just to avoid any flashing. It reminds me of a wrap dress, though I still think it may be a *little* too robe-ish at the neckline...
kimono-Miskabelle, boots-UO, belt-vintage, bangles-random

Look 2: Kimono as an Alternative to a Blazer
I have to say: I'm in love with this look. Enough that I almost want to keep the kimono.  I paired it with a simple black dress (the key is the proportions: the dress should be shorter), neutral belt, a vintage tribal bib necklace (a recent find that I really can't give up) and my black platforms.
kimono-Miskabelle, dress-Old Navy (thrifted), belt-H&M (5 years ago), heels-Michael Kors via DSW, necklace-vintage (thrifted)

kimono-$38, Miskabelle

How would you (or would you?) wear the kimono? It's in the shop now! Snap it up before it's too late...

Happy weekend!  We're off to camp, where I will be looking decidedly less stylish...



  1. The 2nd look is SUPER cute ! You look lovely ! :)

  2. Oooh I like it! And your hair looks fab by the way!

    My family is coming up for the weekend and my mom and sister want to check out the thrift store circuit. Other than a few in downtown Fairfax, I don't really know of other ones in the area-any you can reccomend?

    Also, I'd still love to get coffee sometime when you're back from your camping adventure! Have fun!!

  3. Wow, I LOVE this look...and you need to get over thinking you can't pull stuff off!! ;) My favorite is the second one - very stylish but still a little funky and fun - the necklace really pulls the whole outfit together.

  4. I LOVE THIS!!!!

    I also love both ways that you styled it - I can't decide which I like more! OK, I think I like the 2nd look just a TEENSY bit more than the other - that necklace just totally works with it!

  5. You ladies are too kind...I kind of fell in love with the second outfit too!

    Thanks for all the love!



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