Monday, July 11, 2011

Outfit Post (From the Shop, v.2)

As I mentioned in our last "From the Shop" outfit post, we recently started photographing our merchandise on dress forms and unfortunately pieces that involve leg-holes don't work on the leg-less dress forms.  Our solution was to photograph these pieces on a hanger.  But it makes it really hard to tell what the item will look like ON.  So here I am.  Wearing this crazy 80s shorts romper.  On the hanger it looked pretty over-the-top, but as you can see, when styled correctly it is really quite adorable.  It made me feel like a super stylish safari tour guide.

The one thing I wasn't keen on was the longer "short" sleeve (not sure why that was so popular in the 80s...), so I opted to try it with a denim jacket.  I also like how the jacket breaks up the monochrome of the romper (this could also be achieved by swapping out the matching belt for a more contrasting one).  I also cuffed the shorts a bit because my stumpy less were drowning a bit in the length.

Pairing with my trusty silver jewelry (to match the hardware on the romper), a vintage saddle bag and my hand-me-down Sam Edelman fringe wedges, makes it feel a lot more bohemian and a lot less 80s vacation apparel.



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