Thursday, July 7, 2011

From the Shop (an Outfit Post)

When we started our etsy shop we took great pleasure in styling up our vintage treasures and modeling them as part of full-on, accessorized outfits.  But time passes, things change (both Amanda and I have since had babies) and we slowly have switched into the dress form/mannequin world, purely out of convenience.  And while I like the clean and fresh look our shop photos have now, I also feel like some pieces just don't come off as cute without being seen as part of a full outfit, modeled on a human being.  And worse yet, shorts/pants/rompers do not fit on our leg-less mannequins so we have simply photographed them on a hanger.  SO.  I wanted to do an outfit post (or maybe multiple outfit posts?  I'm not gonna promise anything!  Because again, these days, convenience is key) and show you this lovely pair of silk shorts--as part of an outfit, on an actual person (that person being me).

I feel like this post could be a sequel to Amanda's "80's lady" post yesterday!  Who would have thought I would ever wear a SKORT and try to pass it off as cool?  But it really is pretty cool--literally.  Breezy, 100% silk and perfect for a hot summer day.

I paired these silk shorts with a silk button up blouse--tied at the waist (guess that's my new "thing"), some layered necklaces and white espadrille wedges.  The gold clutch is also for sale in the shop. 




  1. Those shorts ARE super cute! I love how you styled them with the silk blouse and I can think of so many other ways to wear them this summer!

  2. Very Cute!! You look ready for summer :)



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