Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outfit Post: Eighties Lady

I think I've mentioned the cropped pants you are about two see once or twice on Twitter.  They are not something I would usually wear, and I was going to put them in the shop (they may still end up there), but then I tried them on, and they were so comfortable and not as wild as I thought. 

I like to wear them more casually (with a tee and flat sandals), but for this actual "Street Style" post (Jayme took the photos in the street when she was here the other weekend), I dressed things up for fun.  I couldn't stop laughing as we took the shots:

Go ahead--you can laugh too.  But I still have a crush on these pants!

tee-random, necklace-gift, pants-thrifted (vintage), platforms-daniBlack
 So now you have evidence of my little walk on the fashion wild side.  Fashion risk-taking can be a good thing--even if the outfit doesn't turn into something you wear on a regular basis, it can be fun to experiment. After all, I think the best part about fashion, the part that keeps me so interested in it, is the element of creativity! I love putting outfits together and seeing how other people put them together.

So...would you wear these pants?  And if you did, how would you style them?

Let us know in the comments!



  1. I love those pants, such a modern pattern! I'm surprised that they are thrifted. You look wonderful, and I love experimentation!

  2. You can totally pull this off! Love it!

  3. Oh, yeah, I would totally wear them! I think, like you, I'd at first think they were a lil too funky fresh for me, and then I'd take a second look at them on the rack and think, "Hmm...wait just a minute now...those kinda rock!" Also like you, I would probably keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple, but I think I'd have to swipe on some super bright lipstick! :) I like how you paired them with wedges because that keeps the look updated.

  4. They look GREAT on you!! I'd wear them if I could pull them off ;) I'd probably go loose t-shirt, flat sandals, pony tail, long necklace.



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