Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sneak Peek--80s Babe, aka The Kelly Kapowski Collection

I was sort of in disbelief when the 80s started to come back as a trend and started to be recognized as vintage.  I said things like, "I didn't wear that when I was alive in the 80s and I definitely won't wear it now," but then it snuck up on me.  I have two neon shirts in my closet. I am loving the look of crop tops.  I'm being drawn to the excess.

I have found some amazing 80s pieces that are totally wearable, and my fashion inspiration for this set is Saved by the Bell dream girl, Kelly Kapowski (aka Tiffani-Amber Thiessen).

You can wear 80s pieces...just keep the rest of the outfit simple! Big hair optional.

I could never pull it off, but is this sequined bustier bodysuit not the most amazing thing ever? (That's rhetorical.) And I almost wore that cropped turquoise tee out of the house yesterday...

See something you like?  Just drop us a message for sizing, price, or brand info.  We're happy to reserve new items in advance for our readers...because we love you!



  1. i LOVE saved by the bell and kelly's wardrobe. i totally see it. great finds!



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